Winter in Kurzeme

Greetings to all the readers and followers of the blog, finally present a photo article not just movie viewing or current rallies. This time I had gone to the northern half of Kurzeme, a total of Valmiera start and finish, got a 800km route. Immediately want to say that in some parts of Kurzeme in rural areas is a thick layer of snow, even above 5 cm of snow than here in Vidzeme.
As far as I remember, I have not been on this side, maybe a very, very long time ago. So here is a small photo overview of what I saw tours, or you can say the expedition, which had to be guided by pre-prepared legends to uniquely locate sights. The illustration below shows Rojas jetty, the sea was noticeably departed. Most pier was iced and very slippery, it was concluded after Climbed on the slippery jetty rocks.

There’s even a pier at Rojas, eyes looked peculiar view where over the Gulf of Riga was developed gloomy clouds of snow. I would add that this figure may follow a different color contrast between ice and sea, dark clouds and sky.

Mērsraga rocky beach.

Of course, Mērsraga lighthouse. However, I was a little surprised that it is a bit hidden in the woods.
Mērsraga bāka

This path is right there at the lighthouse that leads to Mērsraga beach. However, I was also going to find the Devil stone, which also did not find it because the missing link.

Mērsraga frozen canal.

Mērsraga port.

The next point was to discover Irbenes radio telescope, rather quiet and deserted place. For more information, found HERE.

And follows the path of the radio telescope looked, this ‘village’ counts Irbene abandoned apartment buildings, excavations ..
Ceļš 2

Miķeļbāka, the highest lighthouse in the Baltics, there’s even a near radio telescope and information also can be found HERE.

Of course, Kolkas horn. Cold winds and low were not the only had to contend with what was the sun, which quickly disappeared from the horizon.

Finally, also the speed I made a small panoramic picture where you can see how the light changes from sundown on the evening light. In the original image size can see HERE.

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