What to watch: “The Fault in Our Stars”

Hello, in response to users’ search data, watched the movie “The Fault in Our Stars”. The film story is about two young people who are struggling with serious illnesses. Despite health problems, the film reflects the life of the main characters’ unpredictable turns.

Sixteen years new Hazel , since childhood is gravely ill. From lectures to attend support groups, Hazel are quite skeptical about its utility. Also, the answers to the questions of the team leader, Heizela provide very short and don’t engage in discussions. But one day, a support group visited Gus, who was open and positive young boy. His different personality attracted Hazela’s attention. After the lecture, the two created the negotiations that led to the mutual sympathy. Is this sympathy will turn into feelings and or Gus will loosen depressed Hazel?

Since this film is a romantic drama, the story is not sharp and attractive. But the way to being resolved hero stories are emotional and exciting. The film is also reflected in a lot of the value of life, which the viewer can ponder and keep track of how they are formed and resolve. The film tells the unexpected final milestone, will make possible to experience the romance relationships of painful drama.

Shailene Woodley as Hazel;
Ansel Elgort as Gus;
Nat Wolff as Isaac;
Laura Dern as Frannie;

My rating: 8 (The film is very emotional, even though the film is a romantic drama – film narration is sufficiently interesting and exciting.)
IMDb rating: 8 (Link)



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