What to watch: “The Fate of the Furious”

Wednesday evening we went to the cinema “Cinamon” to watch the latest “Fast and Furious”, part eight. This new saga movie shows itself in new and different way with special effects and interesting scenario. This time the movie journey leads from hot Cuban coast to US and icy Iceland.

Spectators are immediately throw into the Cuban capital – Havana, where are lots of cars from 50`s. Cuban peaceful atmosphere disrupts a local Cuban car puller, who agrees to compete with Dom. To race would be exciting, Dom is forced to race with his cousin’s car. Of course, Dom wins the race, despite the fact that he destroyed his cousin’s car. A few days later appears cyber criminal Cipher who makes Dom to do one mission and stand against the family. Will Dom stand against his family and will become a thief? Movie will show it.

Script: This is a regular part of the movie that is able to captivate with its chain of events, playing different types of conflicts and reflecting them differently. The movie is very smooth and substantive. Movie subtext is clear that the family is the most important and it will trust.

Movie characters: There is clear who are the good and evil characters, while the Dom gets into of the evil role. Ther is none of smallest impression that the Dom is now the evil character. It is interesting to note that for an one moment it seemed that the Dom as Riddick.

Acting: In my opinion, in the film is a very good company of actors who are able to work together well with each other and is become a big family. Emotions in each of the movie’s scenes accurately illustrate the current situation. Here I want mentioned, Hobbs and Deckard meeting in prison, although there is a conflict between them, but it is presented with humor and good battles special effects that are somewhat exaggerated.

Timing: The movie is a sequential and ordered, which is full of tension, but some of scenes are peaceful, allowing again to prepare for action episodes. At the end of the film is shown what was happened in some episodes which were not displayed in the movie.

Sound: The movie takes place in different places and its climate was well created. Nowadays big role plays music that is matched to the movie scenes. In this movie were number of episodes where the music was suitable for the movie episodes, for example, where Hobbes with Deckard are released from prison cameras and start chaos in prison.

Visual Effects: I want to praise about camera angles, which were shown in the movie. It was pleased to see the sights of the car`s superstructures – where the camera was located on the rear of the car, filming car movement or camera that films falling car. The close-ups and common scene`s views were connected so that the viewer could really get into the film.

Our rating: 9
IMDb rating: 7.5

Vin Diesel as Dom,
Jason Statham as Deckard,
Dwayne Johnson as Hobbs,
Michelle Rodriguez as Letty,
Tyrese Gibson as Roman,
Ludacris as Taj and others.

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