What to watch: “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows”

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Some time has passed since the last cinematography description. This time we went to the second part of the film Ninja Turtles 3D.

It seems that the film would be similar to the first part – the turtles are still hiding in the New York sewers, fighting crime and Shredder is in prison. The very beginning of the film shows that the Shredder and science professor Baxter Stockman are planning escape from prison during removal. With him transferred two more hardened criminals – Bebop and Rocksteady. Turtles rebuilt the trash machine, and made tank with which they are trying to stop Shredder’s the escape. But at one point, there opens a portal in which disappears Shredder. It takes him to the alien and war commander Krang who wants to destroy the Earth. But to achieve this, Shredder needs to find the three parts that piecing together will open galactic gateway through which arrive Krang war ship. Is Shredder with Bebop and Rocksteady will succeed in getting all the details and open the gate? And non-ferrous Ninja Turtle adventures continues.

This film is best reflected in the Bebop and Rocksteady image of naivety, for that viewers will smile. It was interesting to see how the Krang image was reflected, recalling in childhood cartoon’s witch I saw, Krang looked horrible. However, his image in the movie is rendered effectively enough to understand that this is film evil image. Ninja Turtles humor was still invariably humorous. The film was not a big surprise,and this was a little disappointment.

Stephen Farrelly as Rocksteady,
Gary Anthony Williams as Bebop,
Tyler Perry as profesor,
Brian Tee as Shredder and others.

My rating: 6 (Missing surprise, but overall the movie was exciting and full of humor.)
IMDb rating: 6,3 (Links)

Film trailer:


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