What to watch: “Furious 7”

Hello, this time I went to see “Fast & Furious 7”, where fans where already gathering to get in the cinema hall and see the latest film part. This part of the movie viewers will bring in little toughest scene, with lots of special effects, fantasy full flights and very abundant fisticuffs.

The film began with Deckard’s Shaw meeting on his injured brother Owen Shaw, in London. When Deckard was going away from strigti guarded hospital, you can see his ability to be anywhere and beat anyone. Deckard decided to avenge his brother. Then Deckard visits Hobbs, of course, after the small fights secret service office it is thoroughly unpicked. Later in the film refers to the previous movie part – Han’s car accident, which caused Deckard. Then where shown Dominic’s and Brian peaceful life until at Dominic’s home is delivered package from Tokyo, prepared by Deckard. After an unpleasant surprise packet, Dominic wants to know who to blame. Are you sure Deckard will be able to destroy a strong family?

The film can be seen that attempts to find even reckless ways to surprise viewers I will say this – I was surprised. Of course, many episodes were too unrealistic, but for them could be delicious laugh, because in my head sounded – “It is not realistic. No, it is fast and the Furious “. Referring to the earlier parts of the film, it has established a common story. But also there were some movies framing, which could hide or shoot from other angles.

Jason Statham as Deckard Shaw;
Vin Diesel as Dominic;
Paul Walker as Brian;
Dwayne Johnson as Hobbs and others.

My rating: 8 (The film does not disappoint especially those who have seen all the movie parts. Beautiful and powerful cars, adrenaline, adventures and experiences, this is Dominic’s and great family life.)
IMDb: 8,4 (Links)

Film treiler:

My top song from film:


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