What to watch: “Despicable Me 3”

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We went to the newest part of animated movie “Despicable Me” in 3D format. This time, watching this movie, there was no emotion or a positive feeling. Of course, there were a lot of humorous episodes in the movie, which was attended by yellow minions. But the content of the movie’s story is very simple and predictable. Going to the movie in 3D format, audience expects good effects, but in this time there were not much.

The movie begins with Gru and his wife Lucy Anti-Villain League (AVL) mission, in which need to catch villain Balthazar Bratt, who has a passion for 80`s music as well as a damaged actor’s career in youth. Bratt manages to get a diamond, but Gru is able to recover it. Although the diamond has been recovered, Bratt escapes. With this mistake, Gru and Lucy are dismissed by the new director of AVL. Later Gru finds out that he has a brother Dru and immediately goes to visit him. How does the meeting between Gru and his brother will change him and will they be able to work together? You will see it in the movie.

Script: As I wrote, the movie plot is very simple. It is easily perceived by children. There are 2 conflicts in the movie – how Gru is able to accept his brother and how Lucy feels in mother`s role.

Movie characters: The movie is specific with characters, because it’s difficult to pinpoint the good characters of the movie. Although Gru with his helpers Minions and the brother Dru are like the villains, but they are more good characters. As bad character in the movie is Bratt.

Acting: Continuing to describe a characters, the movie`s main villain is Bratt, but it is hard to see because he has lot of humor and having big fun of 80`s songs. In order to save the apparent similarity of the brothers in the movie, their voices are recorded by one actor. In my opinion, the most emotional character of the movie are the Minions – realizing that Gru doesn`t want to become villain again, they leave him, although later minions realize they are very attached to him.

Timing: The movie is sequential, it is interspersed with tense and peaceful episodes. Pace is dynamic and quite fast.

Sound: Music in the film is connected with episodes, if the storyline of the episode accelerates, the background music stays louder and tries to give the episode its mood.

Visual Effects: As it is an animated movie, it’s bright and colorful. The biggest minus for this 3D movie is exactly 3D special effects, which are just in few episodes.

Our rating: 5
IMDb rating: 6.5

Actors voices:
Steve Carell as Gru and Dru,
Kristen Wiig as Lucy,
Trey Parker as Balthazar Bratt,
Pierre Coffin as Minions and other.


Top soundtracks from movie:

Movie soundtracks
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