What to watch: “Chappie”

Hello, this time I got new impressions of an action fantasy film “Chappie” where the story of the film takes place in the near future of robot intelligence and awareness of the harsh reality.

The film began with the presentation of news on the current situation in the streets, the police is against the high levels of crime and murders in city, using robots. The episode where in the base is brought injured robot. Perhaps the situation in which the robot is carried by stretcher might seem silly. As it turns out, the existing damaged robot model, several times managed to get in a big trouble to restore it. Again, the robot is repaired, and immediately sent on behalf of – stop the dangerous criminals appointment. Movies episode turns into a solid gun episode. Failure robot gets into big trouble again, bringing the robot to the base, it is rejected off. Or directly to the robot will be a human imitation of the robot and how the robot Chappie learn about the adventures of the rich and exciting world – it is worth seeing the film.

Cooled, the film surprised me with a number of humorous episodes. Although the beginning and ending of the film is an unfortunate set up the main content of the movie viewers will provide different types of emotions and impressions of both humor and an action and family films, both fiction genre lovers. Also, the group “Die Antwoord” participants have successfully managed to get into the movie characters. Overall, the film is based on fiction, but it is reflected in the number of episodes are facing today.

Sharlto Copley as voice of Chappie;
Dev Patel as Deon;
Jose Pablo Cantillo as Yankie (Amerika) and others.

Vērtējums: 8 (The film impressed with its unexpected plot, emotional and funny episodes, however the beginning and end of the film was not fully thought-out.)
IMDb vērtējums: 7,3(Link)



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