What to watch: “Central Intelligence”

I can say that this year has come out of one of the best films in the genre of comedy. Although the film genre is combined with a sharp episodes, smile is on in most part of the film.

The film begins with the return of 20 years ago, when Calvin gets the current award at school sports hall, but in the meantime the school hooligans captured Bob, who bathe in the shower. Then Bob is thrown in the hall, hosting the awards ceremony. Calvin helps Bob cloak with its “golden jacket”.Then, the film returns to modern times, Calvin works as an accountant and are dissatisfied with his life. One day Bob invites Calvin on social site Facebook, to which Calvin confirms Bob’s friend request, and then starts Kelvin and Bob’s adventures. Will Kelvin be able to cope with the tension, which is Bob’s daily life?

In the film, were two great actors, who possess a good sense of humor. Could see that great actors are able to get into their roles. The same story was humorous and very intense. But watching a movie and waiting for the next event in the film, I was a little disappointed about how the film’s events was resolved.

Dwayne Johnson as Bob,
Kevin Hart as Calvin,
Amy Ryan as Agent Pamela Harris and others.

My rating: 8 (This movie will make you laugh.)
IMDb rating: 6,8 (Link)


Best song in the movie:


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