What to watch: “A Dog`s Purpose”

this year’s movie review start with the family adventure movie. Watching movie`s trailer, you can understand that from movie you can expect to see a great dog’s life represent in various lives.

The main story of the movie is about Golden Retriever – Bailey. The movie begins with a different puppy adventure presentation in introduction. The main story begins in the seventies, where Bailey is left in the car without fresh air and water on a hot day. But luckily, Ethan with his mother are passing the car, who heard Bailey`s voice. Not a moment without thinking, they broke car`s window, while Bailey is so overwrought and loses consciousness. After a moment, Bailey finds himself in the yard at Ethan`s house. Then Ethan and Bailey starts to know each other and Bailey is trying to find his answers to his question – what is the meaning of his life?

After watching the movie, you won`t be disappointed, especially dog owners. The movie is with an emotional and real adventures rich, which is reflected in dogs and human lives. Watching the movie, every moment I had a question – what happens next? Positive in the movie, there was also included many comical episodes from the life of dogs that made laugh, the only downside was that the movie is created like an ordinary film without much breathtaking special effects, but it`s not necessary for this movie. After movie I had positive emotional energy.

Josh Gad as dog voice,
Dennis Quaid as adult Ethan,
Peggy Lipton as adult Hanna and other.

Mūsu vērtējums: 9 (Movie gave a positive adventure that emotionally moved feelings.)
IMDb vērtējums: 5 (Link)

Movie`s trailer:

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