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What to watch: “San Andreas”

Hello, this 2D and 3D format an action adventure film gives the opportunity to see the largest earthquake disaster California US east coast, where the ruined city of San Francisco.
The film begins with a young woman’s accident and the lifeguard helicopter are rush to the rescue. In order to successfully rescue the woman whose car hanging on a precarious precipice part. Helicopter pilot Ray out too audacious maneuvers that threaten the rescue teams. With them flies filming team, which consists stories about everyday life rescuers. Launching a rescue operation, the team gets into difficulty – one of a team of lifeguards are trapped under the car when the car was going to strengthen the car. Ray immediately leave the pilot’s chair to heroically save both their members and the woman. At the same time the center of San Francisco seismology scientists receive new data on ground motion analysis greatly impressed them. Two of the scientists going to one of the measurement locations – dam to confirm earthquake forecasting theory. During the analysis measurements, they get the forecast of a large push in this area. Is this earthquake was only the beginning of the disaster?
This is one of those films tensions that flare scene is reflected in a very dynamic and unreasoned shooting positions are nailed reflected. But the main story is about family relations, their significance, despite the difficult situation. The film meant for viewers who appreciate the disaster, tension, action movies, which is rich with special effects.

Dwayne Johnson as Ray;
Carla Gugino as Emma;
Alexandra Daddario as Blake;
Ioan Gruffudd as Daniel;
Paul Giamatti as Lawrence and others.

My rating: 6 (The film is with a fascinating story, but overdo the special effects in simple situations made it too predictable.)
IMDb: 6,6 (Link)

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