10 days in Paris (ETP X)

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I’ve finally prepared a little interesting, a bit of fun description of the trip to Paris (ETP X).
This description will be able to read my thoughts, impressions during the trip. I can already tell you in front of that were very many interesting places.
The pictures are very much (as a whole came in 2393 frames), so I put a small part, though after a while the rest will come. I hope that will be able to get into this journey, read my written diary.

The time is taken into Latvian time.

First day (Friday, 22 March)
4:30 Very
4:30 Very early morning. All awakened begins alacrity. Džemis begin to sense our rough plans, although this time we do not take him up. I am very sleepy.
5:15 Start car and go to Riga. Outside -14’C.
9:55 Take off, but the Riga airport runway is as bumpy as other Latvian roads.
10:15 We are already 15 km altitude and fly with about 815km / h over the Baltic Sea. First impressions of the first flight feeling very strange, a little spooky. I was up first before climbing an airplane ticket control.
13:00 Settle in Paris, a bit of confusion in the big airport, but calling the office of the apartment, had to change plans – call a taxi had to drive to pick up the keys for office (although as it turned out later, office there was even close). Taxi for boarging already recites 2,50 euros, but on the highway noticed that every 3 seconds, gradually increasing the price by 10 cents.
19:45 Look at my notebook and realize that I have forgotten to write down impressions of our home, located in the Rivoli Street, at the intersection where you can see the Louvre. Meanwhile, in the meantime, had gone to the tower along the Seine shore. When it comes to the goal, realize that really no longer a force to be back home, went in very large pieces. Weather relatively satisfactory, the sun all day trying to penetrate through the clouds.

Second day (Saturday, 23.march)
6:00 Mom got up earliest and awakens others also. It seems that time has stopped in the night even tired to sleep comfortable and soft bed, which at the beginning had to understand how to open. And yes .. the morning, across the road were able to observe proper French couple who were motionless on the spot for a very long time.
9:00 Plans change without visiting the Orsay museum and have a plan to visit the Eiffel Tower. Time – with the sun haze. The plans, however, is changed again, and go to the museum.
10:00 Before the opening of the museum, trying too French nearby café, where there is oncoming, friendly and positive atmosphere. And drink cappucctino with delicious French croissants.
P.S. Delicious croissant. And as time struck 10:00 am (after their time 9:00) to the junction of the small corner in the cafe began to flow into a lot of people (it seemed that everyone knows one another).
10: 30-12: 20 Pretty soon went everything through, but managed to write some yourself pleasant works of art:
-Achille Lauge “Paysage de la gardie”
-Pierre Bonnard “L’enfant au patte de table”
-Georges Rochegrosse “Le chevalier aux fleurs”
-Alexander Harrison “Eu arcadie”
-Salvador Dali “Huile sur toile”
13:15 We are at the Arc de Triomphe. Was also the first subway ride, a pretty good travel agent. Climb the top of the arch looked fabulously beautiful view.
14:10 The Arches, entering the city bus, which is shaking over a particular route.
15:30 Jumped out at the Louvre and go home.
16:15 Lunch at home, we are eating sweets – ravioli filled with mozzarella cheese and green salad. French music in the background and a view of the Louvre, even the sun shone. So incredibly good feeling.
21:30 At last we arrive home. We depart by bus to the opera and then to the local shops. I guess it gets dark, we went to the Louvre. Going home began to drop slightly, but it was temporary.
23:15 Going to bed, I feel tired.

Third Day (Sunday, March 24)
7:00 A rich breakfast, barely can move. Time is darken with haze and Coldish.
9:10 Going by subway to Grand Palais. Conclude that at present it is closed and go to the Petit Palais where Felix Ziem exhibition.
“L`avenue de Champs-Elysees”
“La port de Marseille au coucher du soleil”
“Venise, le campanile au claire de lune”
“Constantinople, Saint-Sophie au soleil”
13:30 Lunch withhold near Notre Dame Cathedral. Cafe arrived in a timely manner after we began to flow in people, but they refused, because everything else was booked. Choose food “Paris bon ham”, with very sharp sauce.
15:30 We are waiting in line at Notre Dame to the top of the climb (422 steps to the top). There is a cold wind. Climbing the top of the road narrowed, the uppermost one could barely wriggle.
19:35 Stand 2 long queuerow to visit the Pompidou Museum, where the exhibition of Salvador Dali. Lots of interesting and crazy paintings.
20:15 Arrive home and legs very hurt.

The fourth day (Monday, March 25)
8:00 The sky slowly begins to clear, perform routine delicious breakfast. Plan: Disneyland and boutiques.
9:25 Weather conutines to clear. Going with RER train to Disneyland.
11:00 Arrive at Disneyland – blue sky, the sun is shining, people very much. With Sister trying one of americanslide similar trip, to Disneyland it was the merriest. Dislikes hidden very long queues that ran around the various mazes. At noon, one attraction left the stand, but luckily managed to recover. At lunch, I am so hungry that when ordering (Ceaser salad, grilled entrecote Silver Spur steak, chocolate cake with pecan nuts), after the food, even the next morning do not eat breakfast.
18:00 Walking along the main streets of Disneyland, realize that something will happen. And it turns out exactly had time to shut Disneyland debts.
19:00 By RER go home. Successful day, sitting on the train pleasing in the eyes glow in the evening sun.
20:20 Alone through the apartment for some time.

Fifth Day (Tuesday, 26 March)
8:00 A little unwell this morning.
10:30 We are at the Eiffel Tower and standing snaky line a little cloudy.
12:00 We are at the very top. The number is fabulous, although a bit gray. The wind is not, although the tower in the middle of a very cold and windy. Really impressive sight. Driving down, got separetad, a strange feeling, because the phone was discharged, but everything quickly and successfully solved.
14:00 I see Montmartre. Climb the stairs, human movement also very high. Somehow neglected to intrusive artists who wanted to paint. Before climbing upstairs, I caught one black, and began to tie around your wrist for some string, tried to hold a conversation, and then asked for a small compensation, told me that the only Latvian money. This showed interest and wanted to find out the exchange rate, told an approximate figure, then he smiled atsveicinājās and I got along so well free.

The Sixth Day (Wednesday, March 27)
7:30 Today is already feeling better time overcast. Plans a visit to Versailles.
11:00 We are in Versailles. Small illogical conclusion, buying tickets had to stand very much line. As well as the guards was not really in his element, because of the 4 guards sent to each other and come to the end of the very first time again.
13:30 Lunch in the gardens of Versailles. Order food was spicy sauce current, although a bit different with mustard flavor.
Overall impressions: very large gardens and an afternoon snack sun was shining.
17:00 Again we return to the Musée d’Orsay cafe “Les Deux Muse”.
18:30 Arrive home, it is noticeable fatigue.

The Seventh Day (Thursday, March 28)
8:00 Woke up.
11:00 Science Museum, which is the Leonardo da Vinci exhibition – an exhibition of original, which was able to test his invented things.
13:00 Planetarium watched an interesting short film about the Earth and the universe, although many facts were already known.
18:00 Walk along the Senna coast at sunset ..

The Eighth Day (Friday, March 29)
8:10 The only woke up others sweetly sleeping. Outside bluish sky (the first in the morning During the period). Such a beautiful morning, I am very happy!
9:00 Others woke up.
10:15 Going to the Luxembourg Gardens. Dank, but the sun is shining.
16:00 Arrive home, a small rest.
16:45 Going slow walk along the Louvre. Redirecting to SAINT HONORE street where the fashionably different stores, which rates a protruding windows starting with 4 digits.
19:30 I am left alone to capture the Eiffel tower in the evening light.
20:30 Start of twilight, arranged a comfortable and convenient location. How I found a good seat, so the tower was lit, but wait a darker time.
21:00 Tower starts flashing some 5 minutes.
Fabulous view, it was nice to watch the tight traffic under it, around it, as well as the crazy tourist masses.
21:30 I’m going back home to the metro. Metro had to help the Germans to buy metro tickets, they barely one word in English was able to tell even really did not tell thanks.
21:45 Already well have come home.

The Ninth Day (Saturday, March 30)
9:00 Very sleepy morning. Overcast weather started to realize that tomorrow is already to go away. Begin discussions on luggage and its assembly tactics.
11:00 Went in the streets without cameras.
14-16 Lunch break at home.
16-19 Forum walked the hall in which the turnover of very large crowds of people.
20:00 Withholding homemade dinner, start inhibit gloomy feeling about tomorrow. So cool and cozy home was that day, so now I began to be aware of.
21:20 It is already turned the clock to daylight saving time.
Tenth Day (Sunday, March 31)
7:00 Woke up at a new time. Gloomy mood that go away.
8:00 Going to the airport to catch a taxi at random at the house door. Taxi got in the dark, disembarked at dawn.
8:40 Already have an airport waiting to CHECK IN.
11:00 Transferred baggage.
11:45 We start to wait for the plane. Time outdoor sunny, with a slight haze on the horizon.
13:00 We have sat in an airplane. When getting over the top of the French Cumulus, so wondrously beautiful view, super.
15:30 Land down over Latvian cloudy. Entering all white clouds.
18.40 Arrive at home, where everything smells of pussy-willow.

Thank you for those who have read the entire long adventure, of course, a lot of which have not yet been mentioned.
And this address is available pictures of the stakeholders who wish to purchase any of the trip. Currently there is very little, but at the time I include a more pictures.

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