13 Mar

What to watch: “Rīga 2041″

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Hi to all cinema fans ! Last Friday, I had gone to the first Latvian movie in 3D – Riga 2041. Film story is about people future , what it could be. The film practically divided into 2 parts – the negative routine which people live in, the other part being reflected in the happy people daily routine.

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12 Apr

Auto 2014

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Greetings to all, especially for fans of the car, because this entry will be on exhibition in Ķīpsala tomorrow you can manage to see the most recent and more detailed nappies, as well as retro models! Let me give you a chance to see my vision of the show, if you want to see all 98 pictures, then look at Google Plus album.

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27 Jan

Winter in Kurzeme

In Inspiration,Trip by Madara Skuja / January 27, 2014 / 0 Comments

Greetings to all the readers and followers of the blog, finally present a photo article not just movie viewing or current rallies. This time I had gone to the northern half of Kurzeme, a total of Valmiera start and finish, got a 800km route. Immediately want to say that in some parts of Kurzeme in rural areas is a thick layer of snow, even above 5 cm of snow than here in Vidzeme.

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13 Oct


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Hi, everyone!
Then finally the pictures, which is not only visible cars. These holidays I decided to pass on Latvian roads, I can say right away that I was not in Sigulda. This time, autumn enjoying a bit differently, hopefully will go to the heart.

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26 Aug


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Description: Go on a small tour in Vidzeme search of interesting places. Caught a couple of shots for Paula fashion blog . The predominance of black and white pictures, this time came mood.
Place: Jērcēnu / Strenču forest
Model: Paula

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22 Aug


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Description: A small photo session along the coast, Salacgriva. The weather and the light was just in time.
Location: Salacgrīva
Model: Lana

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21 Aug

Emīlijas christen

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Cheerful and entertaining moments from Emīlijas baptism.

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26 Jul

VVL fierce fighting continues

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This time it was much sharper game, the players were in the position to win at any cost, and this created a lot of intense and sharp moments and situations.

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25 Jul

Intense fight VVL

In Sport by Madara Skuja / July 25, 2013 / 0 Comments

Here’s a snapshot from yesterday (24.07.2013) VVL games. The square was still slick was different moments.

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16 May

Brūniņu family

In Photo Session by Madara Skuja / May 16, 2013 / 0 Comments

Description: Brūniņu family surprise.
Place: Kocēni
In photoshoot: Iveta, Marta, Odrija, Rūdolfs, Kleo (horse).

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