19 Oct

Rallijs Latvija 2015

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rally season has finished with action exciting and thrilling rally. Best moments are down below the post, but all moments are available on Facebook.

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14 Oct


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This travel story is a little different from the last stories. Trip start date came very quickly, because this was the last year of Vidzemes Augstskola University of applied sciences, I had to do was very much on bachelor thesis – mobile applications, which intend to further develop and publish later. Preparations for the trip was not ordinary, because I live with my girlfriend in Riga, while hometown Valmiera, mom and sister is planning to move to live in France. All these factors were important, senses as bellows on all sides.

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30 Aug

Rally Kurzeme 2015

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Good day!
After a long break, we’re back with a photo review from Rally Kurzeme 2015, which was attended 1, 3, 6, 8, 10, 12 special stages. To successfully toured and would be on time at stages in Kurzeme home made legends was useful.

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08 Jun

Rāmuļu elementary school reunion

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Hello, on Saturday 6 June Rāmuļu elementary held a school reunion. The event performed the former graduates and folk dance groups “Vaive” and “Madara”. All pictures are aviable in Google plus album.

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29 May

What to watch: “San Andreas”

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Hello, this 2D and 3D format an action adventure film gives the opportunity to see the largest earthquake disaster California US east coast, where the ruined city of San Francisco.

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18 May

Rally Talsi 2015

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spring is already here and the rally season resumes in Talsi! Both the rally preceding days were exciting and adventurous, the first day was attended begins of all stages, but the second day 7,9 and 11 stage was attended. Thanks to the excellent company!

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03 May


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Good morning , yesterday in the sports complex 333 was held rallycross. Each car class trip turned out to be an exciting and adventurous. I managed to catch a couple of bright moments of the event, which you can see under the article and pictures all viewed at Google Plus album and Facebook page .

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25 Apr

ERC Liepaja 2015

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Hi, with a little late, finnaly I include in blog an article about rally in Liepaja on February.
I guess all visitors will be remembered all the days of the rally, because the weather change for all three days of the rally was quite different – gusty wind, rain, hail, sun, snowstorm. I can say that this time the weather was able to adjust the strength of the rally crews. Below short strenuous moments of the rally, all the pictures Google Plus album.

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04 Apr

What to watch: “Furious 7”

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Hello, this time I went to see “Fast & Furious 7”, where fans where already gathering to get in the cinema hall and see the latest film part. This part of the movie viewers will bring in little toughest scene, with lots of special effects, fantasy full flights and very abundant fisticuffs.

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20 Mar

What to watch: “The Fault in Our Stars”

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Hello, in response to users’ search data, watched the movie “The Fault in Our Stars”. The film story is about two young people who are struggling with serious illnesses. Despite health problems, the film reflects the life of the main characters’ unpredictable turns.

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